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There are many factors to take into consideration when purchasing a new BMX bike and with that in mind, we've put together a basic buyers guide that will have you shreddin' your local in next to no time.

With so many different brands available to the consumer, along with varying wheel sizes, spec levels and price points it can become confusing as to which bike will suit your needs best. We've taken three vital factors to take into consideration when buying a new BMX and broken them down below, beginning with rider skill level, rider size and budget.


A riders skill level is one of the most important factors to consider when looking to purchase a new BMX bike. We've broken this down into three categories of rider, beginner, intermediate and expert. Choosing the right bike for your skillset is vitally important. For instance, if you're an intermediate level rider who is doing gaps and drops you're not going to want a bike with a one piece crank that could possibly bend upon harsh landings, whilst a beginner rider may not need necessarily need 3 piece cranks, sealed bearings or a chromoly frame.

  • Beginner

    You've just begun to take an interest in BMX and are learning some basic tricks like bunnyhops and jumping off curbs.

  • Intermediate

    You've mastered manuals, 180's and basic grinding tricks, the locals at the skatepark know you by name and your pushing your riding to learn new tricks.

  • Expert

    You ride with confidence and skill. Having mastered your balance and coordination you're moving onto bigger, more technically advanced moves.

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A riders height is another important factor to consider before the purchase of a new BMX. A bike that is to small will be uncomfortable and throw the riders centre of gravity off, while a bike that is to big will be slow, difficult to manoeuvre as well as being uncomfortable to ride. For further information on sizing be sure to check out our BMX Bike Size Guide.

  • Under 145cm

    The youngest of riders are spoilt for choice with 12"
    balance/pedal bikes as well as 14", 16" and 18" bikes.

  • 145cm to 170cm

    Riders in this size range will best be suited to a bike with 20" wheels with varying top tube lengths from 18.5" to 20.75".

  • 170cm plus

    Riders of 170cm in height or taller will feel right at home on a 20" bike with a 20.75 to 21.25" top tube. 24, 26 and 29" wheeled bikes are also another option for taller riders who are after a more comfortable, relaxed ride.

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When buying a new BMX it's important to keep your budget in mind. Sure it'd be awesome to have the exact same set up as your favourite pro, but it isn't necessary in order to have the maximum amount of fun on your bike.

  • Beginner Level $399 to $659

    Most bikes in this price range will feature hi tensile steel frames, forks and handlebars, one piece cranks are common on bikes under $400 while others will have three piece cranks with an unsealed American bottom bracket. Single wall rims are common while most bikes will run a sealed bearing rear hub. Bikes priced towards the top of this price range may also have upgraded sealed bearing integrated headsets and mid bottom brackets.

  • Intermediate Level $660 to $999

    Bikes in this price range will feature frames with either partial or full lightweight chromoly tubing in addition to a chromoly fork steerer tube, handlebars and crankset. Sealed bearing integrated headset and mid bottom bracket are standard along with sealed bearing hubs front and rear. Bikes in the higher end of this price range may also have double wall rims for increased strength and durability.

  • Expert/Pro Level $1000 +

    Lightweight chromoly frames (with removeable brake mounts) along with full chromoly forks, handlebars and cranks are standard along with full sealed bearings throughout and double wall rims. Many pro riders have signature bikes in this price range similar to the set ups they ride. Bikes priced from $1499 may consist of full aftermarket parts and are often the exact same spec as the pros run. 

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